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Spark 38
Monday, August 28, 2017
·         Anger is when you punish yourself for the faults of others.
·         Anger is that breeze which puts out the flame of your intelligence.
·         Anger is not a solution to any problem but is itself a problem.
·         Anger keeps you in continuous stress when you don’t control it.
·         Anger leaves you more tired at times than what a whole day’s work does.
·         If somebody can make you angry, she / he controls you in that sense.
·         If your smile is God’s signature on your face, anger erases it.
·         When overpowered by anger, you need more energy to sit quietly than to yell or scream.
·         The fool expresses his anger through shouting and screaming; the wise man brings his anger under control.
·         Silence can be of great help in the matter of winning over anger.
·         Count up to ten when you get angry; count up to a hundred if you get very angry.
·         Do you know the whole family of anger? Insistence is its very dear sister; violence its spouse; egoism its elder brother; fear its father; insult and back-biting its daughters; enmity its son; jealousy its daughter-in-law; hatred its grand-daughter; negligence its mother. Please keep away from this whole family.
{Courtesy: Pashupati Tekriwal, a Homo Whatsappean}
Swami Chidananda
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