Spark Index


1. Invite Friction, Welcome Disturbing Higher Ideas 25.Change Your Lifestyle
2. Scorch Your Vasana 26.Inner Voice-The Light of Diwali
 3. Practice In The Context Of Self-Knowledge 27. Impulse Control
4. Playout Instead Of Workout  28. Stay Connected
5. WHAT’S IN A NAME?  29.Be The Flame Without Smoke
 6. WHO ARE WE? 30.Overcome Your Inhibitions
 7. MIND OVER BATTER 31. The Gold Lid
 8. SHOULD OTHERS FEAR US? 32. Modern applications of ancient wisdom
 9. WAY TO RISE  33.The way to heaven and to hell
 10. Which Falsehood Should Go Away? 34.Facets of Meditation-1
 11. LONELINESS DISAPPEARS IN SELF-KNOWLEDGE 35. 9 More Facets of Meditation
 12. INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY 36.Being Nobody, Going Nowhere
 13. Are You Extraordinary? 37. Self Development, An Endless Trap
 14. Anchor Yourself inRight Knowledge 38. ON ANGER
 15. Work Towards Private Victory  39. A Meditation
 16. Understanding is above Learning 40. Gather Your Energy,Rise Again
 17. Can we live without Desire? 41.Lessons from Geeta's 18 Chapters  
18. Remove The Root Cause Of Suffering
 19. Attack In Brussels Airport
20. Transmission Of The Flame
 21.Excuses are not reasons
22. Right Action Is The Answer
23. Gather Yourself, Be a Yogi!
24. Be Thou An Instrument in God's Hands!